CITRIS IBM Day 2007: Biographies



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Umair Akeel
is the Chief Architect of IBM's
WebSphere RFID Information Center product. He is responsible for the overall
the architecture, design and implementation of information management solutions
for sensor networks. Prior to his current role, Umair served as the Lead
Architect for IBM's WebSphere Product Center and was responsible for the full
product lifecycle. He has led the design and implementation of client solutions
that span various industries such as high-tech, pharmaceutical, consumer package
goods and retail. Notable clients include GlaxoSmithKline, AmerisourceBergen,
HP, Phillips, and Albertsons.

Umair has been active within EPCglobal,
notably as a contributor to the EPCIS standard. His specialty is primarily
around the integration of master data, security and query processing. He is
passionate about development of service oriented and event driven architectures
to help deliver sensor information management to clients.




Ron Ambrosio is a Senior Technical Staff Member at
IBM’s T.J. Watson Research Center, and is IBM’s Global Research Energy &
Utilities Industry Leader and is a member of the U.S. Dept. of Energy GridWise
Architecture Council. Mr. Ambrosio began his career at Watson in 1981, and has
been involved in a variety of research areas including: embedded operating
systems, distributed processing, network communications, and pervasive computing
environments. In 1998, Ron's focus was on networked embedded computing, with
particular emphasis on “Internet-scale Control Systems” – the integration of
sensor and control system environments with large-scale distributed Information
Technology environments, and helped establish IBM’s activities in Intelligent
Utility Networks, and in Sensors & Actuators. In 2007 he assumed the role of
Program Manager for the System S project.




James Sphorer



Peter Williams is the CTO for IBM's Big Green
Innovations unit, whose role is to identify environmentally focused businesses
for IBM to either develop or participate in – he is personally responsible for
assembling, maintaining and developing the portfolio of businesses included. Dr.
Williams is a management consultant with well over 20 years experience of
bringing technology and business issues together to develop novel solutions and
business models. A native of the UK, he has lived in the USA since 1999. His Ph.D. was awarded by the School of Management at
the University of Bath, England, in 1986.






Thomas G. Zimmerman
is a member of the research
staff exploring the frontiers of human-computer interaction at the IBM Almaden
Research Center. His 30+ patents cover position tracking, user input, wireless
communication, biometrics and encryption. His Data Glove invention established
the field of Virtual Reality, selling over one million units. His electric
field PAN invention sends data through the human body, exchanging electronic
business cards with a handshake, and prevents air bags from injuring children in
the Honda Accord. He received his B.S. in Humanities and Engineering and M.S. in
Media Science from MIT.