CITRIS Foundry – Spring 2020 Cohort

CITRIS Foundry – Spring 2020 Cohort

In Spring 2020, the CITRIS Foundry welcomed 32 teams covering deep tech fields from AI and engineering systems to materials science and biotechnology, tackling issues including health care, energy and the environment, transportation, and sustainable infrastructure. The six-month CITRIS Foundry incubator program offers company teams coaching, co-working space, a toolbox of resources, and access to the CITRIS Invention Lab makerspace and the Berkeley Marvell Nanofabrication Laboratory at CITRIS.

A description of spring 2020 CITRIS Foundry company teams follows.

Aila Health

Founders: Rory Stanton, Charlotte Nelson, Ben Glicksberg, Arjun Bidesi

Aila Health is an AI-based precision health management platform empowering patients with personalized healthcare at home. With clinical and patient-generated data, Aila Health delivers an expedient and accurate digital diagnostic tool that improves provider decision-making and patient lives. The tool helps clinicians deliver personalized care based on each patient’s unique health situation and lifestyle.

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Founders: Igor Molybog, Jon Lam provides a real-time, transparent data-processing engine that builds real estate broker-client connections. While current listings platforms have hundreds of thousands of property listings, the data-processing engine allows access to a similar volume of property listings with much less effort than is typically required to create a large database of listings. Brokers simply add to their email lists and do not have to upload any data manually.


Founders: Abdulrahman Bin, Timothy Barat

The need to upgrade California’s utility infrastructure is a top priority in the state to avoid wildfires and power outages. Anchorgrid’s novel sensor systems use vibrations to assess risk to critical equipment to ensure device integrity.

BearHouse Innovations

Founders: Charlie Davidman, Joseph Choi

Approximately 450,000,000 hours per year is spent on on-screen time in the U.S., and parents are at a loss for how to effectively tackle this issue for their children. Bear House Innovations incorporates existing technology, and provides a mobile platform where parents can effectively negotiate “social contracts” with their children to teach them soft skills such as clear communication, fairness, and accountability to develop healthy habits of human interaction while minimizing screen time usage from an early age.

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Founders: Brittany Birberick, Matt Griffin

Birb develops collective temporary housing ownership methods so that graduate students can asset-build even when taking pay cuts for graduate school. Shared economy technologies will be used to create a new class of housing that exists between traditional homeownership and rental leasing.


Founders: Thomas Galeon, Pierre-Louis Mis, Oskar Radermec, Meryll Dindin

To respond to emergency calls in a quicker, more scalable manner, the CalAster team created AsTeR, an innovative emergency platform designed to analyze, prioritize, and visualize emergency calls using state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms. This efficiently streamlines critical care for victims in emergency situations.

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Coreless Technologies

Founders: Tom Yuzvinsky, Sarah Lindley

Coreless tunable nanospheres are an essential component for healthcare diagnostics product development using lateral flow assays. Coreless develops efficient nano-tools that can aid people working in contaminated areas, rural regions with low healthcare access, and the detection of plant-based diseases in farms.

Curiosity Foundation

Founders: Alfred Young, Sukhmeet Singh

The Curiosity Foundation builds a non-profit platform that pays teachers to teach technical skills such as coding, design, and hardware over the summer to underprivileged children at no cost. By addressing and focusing on the communities that need the most support, Curiosity Foundation is hoping to foster equal opportunity for success regardless of socioeconomic background.

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Founders: Cara Foss, Sylvia Krystal Lumbreras Martinez

DaanMatch gives organizations the tools to present their work, share their stories, and increase impact for all stakeholders. It assembles portfolios of complementary programs matched to each corporation’s funding philosophy. Offering the platform in multiple languages to reflect the population of India allows additional scalability.

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DeepRed Technologies

Founders: Kechao Tang, Junqiao Wu, Chase Chen

DeepRed Technologies develops material solutions in thermal infrared imaging, especially applied in breast cancer screenings. Its tools will ameliorate current deficiencies in breast cancer mammograms such as pain, high cost, and lack of availability.

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Dispatch Goods

Founders: Jessica Heiges, Adam Boostrom, Lindsey Hoell

Dispatch Goods builds an ecosystem of reusable, trackable, environment-friendly and non-toxic takeout containers. This innovation will not only replace single-use but also make healthy, sustainable eating more easily available to consumers.

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Founders: John Gao, Josiah McDonald, Keith LoMurray, Raymond Lee

FakeNetAI’s specialized machine learning algorithms identify “deepfakes” — artificial videos often aimed at harming specific individuals — with high accuracy (>97 percent) and in less than 5 seconds. The team will assist platforms in responding effectively to false content hosted on their sites.

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Founders: Xiaotian Ma, Ying Pan

Fibulas builds a Github for Life — a version control system for the cryopreservation of living materials such as cells and tissues. It will simplify and standardize the process of living sample preservation and digitization, affecting the teams working with $30 billion in National Institutes of Health grants each year.

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Founders: Peter Hubbard, Andrew Yeskoo, Linqing Luo, Kenichi Soga

FOSense’s fast distributed fiber-optic sensors provide dynamic detection for structural health monitoring. Their strain and temperature sensing technology responds to aging infrastructure challenges that are difficult to detect with current methods — at a fraction of the cost of existing systems.


Founders: Amy Gong, Grace Zhuang, Sebrina Zu, Zoey Sun, Grey Xu

Fully analyzes a company’s waste history to evaluate more efficient and sustainable service schedules for waste pickup. Their algorithm automatically generates summaries with visualizations that display recent waste data — reducing cost and improving sustainability.


Founders: Timothy Barat, Abdulrahman Bin Omar

Gridware is building early-detection sensors for power grid failures and wildfires. Gridware uses small, sensor-laden boxes that can easily be installed to power poles. Gridware’s technology contains microphones and other sensors to collect information about the environment around a power pole, and it uses on-board AI/ML processing to note anomalies and report them to the relevant managers as appropriate.

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HyperSpin Technologies

Founders: Adrisha Sarkar, Emanuel Druga, Olga Senderova, Ashok Ajoy

HyperSpin creates innovative new devices that can increase the signal (sensitivity) of NMR and MRI using a weak laser — without requiring the $1 million large superconducting magnets that these devices currently run on. Its work will allow more people to test for cancer and other health conditions in a faster, less-expensive way.

Netic Health / Neomotion

Founders: Mathias Vissers, Danny Kim, Nick Yersai, Wei-Kai Lin

Neomotion creates smartphone-based rehabilitation programs that use the on-phone camera vision capability to analyze movements in real time. Their work responds to the lack of affordable and accessible options for rehabilitation in the U.S., especially in lower and middle-income areas.

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Nexilico, Inc.

Founders: Mohammad Mofrad, Mohammad Soheilypour

The human gut biome often has toxic interactions with certain cancer medications. Nexilico responds to this problem. It is advancing microbiome and precision medicine through a next-generation predictive computational platform that improves drug design as well as therapeutics clinical outcomes.

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QPi Education

Founders: Vivien Macnguyen

QPi Education offers robotic programming kits paired with an online course to students. The next generation of STEM students will experience an alternative and hands-on way to learn coding skills and build robotics projects.

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Qwasar Silicon Valley

Founders: Jennifer Roberts, Kwame Yamgnane

Qwasar Silicon Valley combines science, data, and technology to develop a learning platform designed for the 21st century that reduces the cost of and increases access to education. It enables companies, cities, and countries to upskill, resell, or educate people at scale.

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Founders: Silas Everett

Redvest streamlines the process of hiring and managing subcontractors in construction sites where inefficient time and money waste often occurs. It develops a workforce counter that uses multi-class object detection on an edge device to track people coming on and off worksites and trigger other sensors.

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Founders: Lynn Mayo, Aelisa Carr

RePicture is a virtual community where you can learn about engineering and STEM projects — helping people across the world, connecting with STEM professionals, and becoming part of a community that’s shaping the future. Their goal is to democratize access to job search results for STEM professionals and develop a new pathway to find positions.

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Reveel Technology

Founders: Adrien Stern, Walid van Boetzelaer

Reveel is building a new platform to help creatives ensure that their identity is always associated with their work, so they can be credited and paid. By collecting and managing metadata, they provide artists, record labels, and publishers a chance of being discovered, played, and paid.

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Root Applied Sciences

Founders: Sarah Placella, Rodrigo Almeida, Ken Yamaguchi

Root Applied Sciences is developing the first fully-automated, field-deployed DNA-based sensor network for airborne agricultural pathogens. Their cost-efficient sensors will reduce pesticide use, reduce crop loss, and prolong the effectiveness of resistant crop varietals.

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Founders: Carla Mays, David Capelli

#SmartCohort research explores equitable mitigation and recovery options for regions affected by natural disasters such as fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, etc. Their goal is to address governance and infrastructure problems that often disproportionately harm diverse populations.

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Founders: Daniel Belay, Jordan Coffey

SMILE WITH JOY has formulated a toothpaste that regrows tooth enamel and inhibits bacterial infections that cause cavities. Better tooth protection will benefit not only people in general but also specifically pregnant mothers who cannot receive dental care.

Storx Technologies

Founders: Daniel Fong, Soheil Ghiasi

Storx Technologies’ breakthrough AI and sensor technology better monitors fetal health during labor and delivery. This effort helps mothers avoid unnecessary cesarean section deliveries and mitigates physician liability.

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Founders: Gina Myers, Thais Esteves, Maria del Mar Londono

SuperpetFoods makes a novel, highly nutritious, and sustainable pet food with Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL). Their product addresses food waste issues, drastically lowering water use and methane & carbon emissions associated with protein production for pet food.

Triple C – Clean Clay Cookstove

Founders: Ronald Rael, Sandy Curth, Logman Arja, Tina Piracci

Triple C builds additively manufactured no-smoke ceramic cookstoves. Its digital 3D design methods address health problems that arrive from both indoor pollution in developing areas and clean cooking methods for disaster relief.

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Founders: Tina Lee, Jeff Hu

TuringCerts is a decentralized Smart Citizen Identifier Network for credential endorsements and proof of evidence that guarantees the integrity of records and makes verification more efficient. This streamlines credibility background checks for hiring so that better people can get hired faster.

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Winko Solar

Founders: Akon Mubagawa, Mathieu Wing Hang Tse

The Winko Box is a single solar-powered box that delivers USB power, internet, and lighting to households in the most rural regions in West Africa. Their team is working to ensure the power of modern electricity is easily accessible to everyone.

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YektaSonics Inc.

Founders: Navid Gougol

YektaSonics develops novel hardware-software co-designed ultrasound systems intended for a pure non-invasive therapy called High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU). HIFU penetrates the body with acoustic waves that constructively build focal points for healing actions. The first of its kind, HIFU avoids the damaging side effects of current harmonic methods.

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ZoNexus LLC

Founders: Alan Philip Kalarickal, Alpesh Khushalchand Shukla

ZoNexus builds tools for high-throughput materials characterization that will speed up materials discovery. This work seeks to modernize current battery technologies that rely on materials research from the 1990s.

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