CITRIS at UC Davis holds INSPIRE workshops for high school students

A group of 25 high school students standing together outside the John D Kemper Hall of Engineering on the UC Davis campus.

It’s been a busy summer for the folks at CITRIS at UC Davis.

In June, the team gave 25 local high schoolers a glimpse into the world of technology, artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics with a three-day INSPIRE summer workshop.

This year’s workshop theme revolved around the broad areas covered by the CHIPS and the Science Act, which encourages the mass production of semiconductors to boost American semiconductor research, development and production.

Campus Director Saif Islam highlighted the grand challenges of the 21st century and encouraged participants to take an active role in finding solutions. Topics such as climate change, resource depletion, waste management and the power of creativity and innovation in addressing these issues were also explored, emphasizing the importance of sustainable solutions for a better future. 

And in July, CITRIS at UC Davis saw a visit from a cohort of 20 students from the International Erguvan Art & Academy. Their full-day session saw hands-on activities, short lectures from leading UC Davis faculty members, and even a visit to the Semiconductor Nanofabrication Lab at the Center for Nano-MicroManufacturing in full “bunny suit” protective gear.