Chemix raises $20M in series A funding

Three batteries designed by Chemix arranged on wood grain table. Batteries from left to right include large green and black rectangle, multicolored horizontal cylinder, and upright blue and black cylinder.

Chemix, a venture from the spring 2021 CITRIS Foundry cohort, has raised $20 million in a round of series A funding.

The startup uses artificial intelligence (AI) to expedite the development of novel electric vehicle (EV) batteries, pioneering a method that aims to help meet the mounting demands of the global EV market. Its approach is the first to drive battery testing with AI, the benefits of which include faster iteration using an algorithm trained on extensive data the collected by the company itself. Researchers are also able to discover critical material formulations and battery configurations more quickly, opening the door to customized batteries suited to the specific needs of different EV segments.

Chemix will use the funding to scale up, expedite product delivery and revenue, and extend its laboratory focus from electrolyte design to other crucial battery components.

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