CET Technology Breakthrough Competition winners

On November 15, 2006 at UC Berkeley, the Center for Entrepreneurship
& Technology
held the 3rd annual Technology Breakthrough
Competition. The evening began with a discussion of the challenges
facing the Silicon Valley in the context of the global economy with
Steve Domenik, General Partner, Sevin Rosen Funds, and Lip-Bu Tan,
Founder & Chairman, Walden International. Afterward, guests had a
chance to talk with the finalists about
their world-changing research and meet other members of UC Berkeley
entrepreneurial community. The evening closed with an announcement of
the winners (see below).

Low-Cost Disposable Genome Chip Information Technology Winner!
The goal of this research is to use organic transistors to realize an
ultra-low cost, disposable, fast and easy-to-use gene chip that could
tap into the disease diagnosis market. Organic electronics-based gene
detection circuitry can be integrated cheaply into a low-density genome
chip to allow for direct electronic readout of genome chips, cutting
out the cost of expensive optical readout equipment that is currently
used. Once such a genome chip is made available, people could get
hospital gene tests just as easily as a simple blood test or urine

Daniel Huang Ph.D. Candidate
Qintao Zhang Ph.D. Candidate
Vivek Subramanian Assoc. Professor, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science Department

This team is from the Electrical Engineering & Computer Science Department


SeroScreen: A Disposable Microdevice for Point-of-Care Diagnostics Science Winner!
is the result of a focus on the development of a portable and
inexpensive diagnostic platform for third world screening of dengue
fever.  The device uses a simple electrical detection scheme which
allows for a flexible low cost system

J. Tanner Nevill, Ph.D. Candidate
Nicholas Toriello, Ph.D. Candidate

This team is from the Bioengineering Department

More information about this event can be found at http://cet.berkeley.edu/breakthrough.htm