Center for Smart Sustainable Energy Technologies

Innovative Energy Research Under One Roof


The Center for Smart Sustainable Energy Technologies is being created to serve as a focal point for research that synergistically combines cutting-edge information technologies and advanced energy system concepts to develop innovative new sustainable energy technologies.¬† Research at the Center will have a systems emphasis‚ąísynthesizing results from fundamental energy, materials and information technology research into innovative systems for efficient, sustainable energy production or use.


The Center will be structured to serve three primary activities: (1) conventional, focused Research Projects, (2) large, multifaceted, interdisciplinary Thrust Area Projects, and (3) energy education and collaborations with industry and other energy research centers.


The system-focused research at this Center will interact with and complement biofuels production research at the Energy Biosciences Institute at UC Berkeley and at UC Davis, solar energy (HELIOS) and building energy research at LBNL, national energy research efforts such as the Nuclear Hydrogen Initiative, and energy research at other industrial and university research centers around the world.