A cellphone-based microscope for treating river blindness

Berkeley News, November 9, 2017 — CITRIS sponsored research has applied smartphone-based microscope technology to more easily diagnose the Neglected Tropical Disease onchocerciasis, otherwise known as river blindness. This technological innovation has the potential to expand access to healthcare for communities who lack financial resources. LoaScope, the official name of the mobile technology, “turns the camera of a mobile phone or tablet computer into a high-quality light microscope”. LoaScope is the most recent application of CellScope technology, which converts smartphone technology into diagnostic medical tools. Daniel Fletcher, whose lab invented the technology, says that “this work sets the stage for expanding the use of mobile microscopy to improve diagnosis and treatment of other diseases, both in low-resource areas and eventually back in the U.S.

Read the full article from Berkeley News: http://news.berkeley.edu/story_jump/a-cellphone-based-microscope-for-treating-river-blindness/