Can AI can be regulated? Russell discusses on WBUR

Stuart Russell in a dark suit.

As artificial intelligence (AI) systems evolve and infiltrate everyday life, thousands of AI researchers have written an open letter calling for the regulation of the same technology they create.

CITRIS affiliate and UC Berkeley professor Stuart Russell, the recently announced co-recipient of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) AAAI Allen Newell Award for contributions to computer science, addressed AI regulation in an interview with the hosts of WBUR’s “On Point.” According to Russell, “our entire civilization is the result of our intelligence,” causing concerns regarding the production of machines that are “more powerful than human beings.”

Russell notes that because AI is now both personalized and adapted, the system will be able to see responses and reservations and adjust its tactics accordingly.

“There are third parties who want to be able to talk you into buying a car or buying a computer through conversational influence. And that’s creepy,” Russell said. “But when it’s misinformation or disinformation or propaganda, it’s dangerous. And that capability now exists.”