CalWave highlighted as ‘genius’ UC invention

Designers of xWave, CalWave's wave energy converter, deploy their technology in a harbor, Navy blue xWave is depicted on the lower left, surrounded by designers in white safety hats. Man in the foreground holds laptop and wears a neon yellow baseball cap.
Photo courtesy of CalWave.

In the quest for renewable energy, fall 2014 CITRIS Foundry venture Calwave draws upon a powerful yet untapped resource: the ocean. Waves on the West Coast release energy equivalent to two-thirds of the electricity generated in the region every year. CalWave’s energy converter, called the xWave, uses underwater turbines to convert this wave motion into usable electricity. Predictable and consistent in nature, access to such an energy source can contribute to a more reliable power grid that is equipped to meet rising electricity demands. 

The company was highlighted in a recent feature from the University of California about “genius” inventions stemming from faculty and student innovation. 

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