Barbato, others named outstanding mentors by UC Davis Graduate Studies

Lecturer teaching a class.

Michele Barbato, director of CITRIS Climate, and several colleagues in the UC Davis College of Engineering with CITRIS connections have received 2021–22 UC Davis Graduate Program Advising and Mentoring Awards.

Created by the UC Davis Office of Graduate Studies, the awards allow graduate programs to recognize faculty doing outstanding service in advising and mentoring at the program level.

Barbato said in an email that he is currently serving as a major adviser for three doctoral and two master’s students, in addition to mentoring two postdoctoral researchers. He expressed gratitude to the mentors who provided him with guidance throughout his own career, from his undergraduate years all the way through his pretenure faculty days, stressing the significance of their guidance in his achievements.

“Mentoring students for me is one of the β€” if not ‘the’ β€” most rewarding roles,” Barbato said. “It’s one of the reasons I love my job, as well as a reason of hope for our future, as I have the privilege to see young talented individuals grow professionally and personally into leaders who will help us solve the great challenges of our times, such as climate change.”

Other CITRIS affiliates receiving the award this year include Zhaojun Bai, Omeed Momeni, Scott Simon and Yayoi Takamura.