2009 Delta Cup – International Solar Building Design Competition

The city of Beijing will play host to the 2009 Delta Cup – International Solar Building Design Competition. First held in 2007, the event was organised by the International Solar Energy Society (ISES), Chinese Renewable Energy Society, co-hosted by China National Engineering Research Centre for Human Settlements and the Special Committee of Solar Buildings of the Chinese Renewable Energy Society, the event is sponsored by the Delta Environmental & Educational Foundation (DEEF).

The theme of this year’s competition, “Sun and Hope”, goes deep into the hearts of the Chinese people, who are relentlessly rebuilding areas of Sichuan Province that were devastated by the 12 May earthquake. The main aim of this contest is to showcase the designs of solar-powered rural school buildings – termed “Sunshine Schools” – from around the world. Where possible, some of the winning designs could be implemented in the earthquake-hit areas. Designs and plans for construction will be supervised by these eight institutions: China Architecture Design & Research Group, Tsinghua University’s Architecture Design & Research Institute, Tianjin University Academy of Architecture Devise Research Layout, Shandong Jianzhu University, Zhejiang University’s Architectural Design and Research Institute, Southeast University Architecture School, and Tianjin Earthquake Engineering Research Institute.


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