The Banatao Institute

CITRIS has become a forerunner of information technology research and entrepreneurship in the interest of society.

The Banatao Institute is as an integral part of our affiliated UC campuses. By extending the reach of our core initiatives and assets, the Banatao Institute’s programs fosters the exchange of best practices, create opportunities, and highlight successes in areas of global relevance. As the world grows smaller and more interconnected each day, the challenges of education, health, civic engagement, economic growth, and technology development in low-resource areas become more pressing. Great needs and opportunities exist in the development of sustainable systems to address intertwined issues of poverty and access to public resources such as clean air, clean water, energy, and reliable cyberinfrastructure.

This widening sphere of influence was celebrated with a new name, “CITRIS and the Banatao Institute,” which debuted across the four campuses in Fall 2016. In alignment with the founding goals and values of Dado and Maria Banatao, the newly chartered Banatao Institute at CITRIS leverages University of California expertise and IT solutions for the benefit of developing regions in the U.S. and abroad.

We invite you to watch this short video below that celebrates the vision of the Banatao Institute at CITRIS, together advancing information technology for social impact around the world.

Projects fostered under the mission of The Banatao Institute include: