The Center for Sustainable Energy & Power Systems (CenSEPS)

CenSEPS is directed at exploration of the societal implications of new renewable energy technologies as well as prepares a new generation of engineers and scientists to address the problem of more efficient energy use with a minimal carbon footprint— CITRIS at Santa Cruz, via Director Mantey, is actively involved with the creation of CenSEPS. The Center is to promote and integrate the use of renewable energy technology to create sustainable communities and renewable energy districts, as well address “smart-grid” technologies focused on energy use management for residential and small business/agribusiness.  CITRIS co-sponsored the Energy Storage Workshop, in partnership with the Danish Agency for Science, Technology, and Innovation, April 29-30, 2010, which included participation from Silicon Valley industry representatives and UC faculty members and researchers.   The CenSEPS project Engineering and Societal Investigations to Initiate Renewable Energy for the Santa Cruz Municipal Wharf led by Professor John Vesecky et al., was recently awarded a CITRIS seed grant. The goal of this project is to create a sustainable power system that would make the Santa Cruz Wharf self-sufficient in energy and a prototype for other coastal communities.  They will design, construct, and deploy a prototype sensor system that will supply information needed to design an efficient sustainable energy system for the wharf, as well as gather necessary information on regulation and end-user acceptance.  The aim is to make the wharf “smart grid ready”.