Network Management & Operations Laboratory (NMO Lab)

The NMO Lab is focused on addressing real-world problems in complex networks, in a variety of topics that include quality of service, customer support, and intelligent and automated management of network devices.  Industry funding for the NMO Lab comes via a partnership with Cisco. Through Cisco support, students (undergraduate and graduate students) and faculty advisors in the School of Engineering are engaged with Cisco engineers to work on problems in operational networks.

Professor Mantey is the Principal Investigator for the NMO Lab. Professor Brad Smith is the NMO Lab’s Director and Tammy Tooley-Chelossi is the Manager.  The NMO Lab is housed in space provided by CITRIS.  UCSC CITRIS staff provides administrative support for the NMO Lab’s development and operations. UCSC CITRIS also provides conference space and event support for the biannual NMO Lab Research Retreats, where current projects are presented to UCSC faculty and Cisco managers and directors.