CITRIS and the Banatao Institute - CITRIS People and Robots CPAR Faculty

CPAR Director

Ken Goldberg
UC Berkeley, Medical Robotics, Learning, Manufacturing, Automation

R&D Manager

Ron Berenstein
UC Berkeley, Robotics, Remote Sensing, Agricultural Robotics

Faculty Executive Committee

UC Berkeley

Pieter Abbeel, Robot Learning, Perception, and Control

Anca Dragan, Robot-Human Interaction, Robot Learning

Ken Goldberg, Medical Robotics, Robot Learning, Algorithmic Automation

Claire Tomlin, Controls, Perception, Human Machine Systems

UC Davis

Stavros G. Vougioukas, Agricultural Robots

UC Merced

Stefano Carpin, Robot Planning, Sequential Decision Making, Manipulation

UC Santa Cruz

Gabriel Hugh Elkaim, Control and Embedded Systems

Ricardo Sanfelice, Hybrid and Cyber-physical Systems, Robotics and Control

Affiliated Faculty

UC Berkeley

  • Murat Arcak: Bio, control
  • Anil Aswani: Optimization
  • Alper Atamturk: Optimization, Medical Robotics
  • Dave Auslander: Control
  • Ruzena Bajcsy: Robotics, Vision, Tele-immersive
  • Peter Bartlett: Learning, Decision Making
  • Alex Bayen: Estimation, Control
  • Francesco Borrelli: Control
  • John Canny: Robotics, HCI
  • Jose Carmena: Brain-Machine Interfaces, Learning, and Control
  • Trevor Darrell: Vision and Learning
  • Dave Dornfeld: Manufacturing, Process Optimization
  • Hubert Dreyfus: Philosophy of Technology
  • Alyosha Efros: Computer Vision
  • Ron Fearing: Biologically Inspired Robots
  • Dan Fletcher: BioEngineering, Design
  • Mike Franklin:  Databases and Data Cleaning
  • Adrian Freed: Sound and Signal Processing
  • Bob Full: Biologically Inspired Robots
  • Tom Griffiths: Computational Cognitive Science
  • Karl Hedrick: Control
  • Roberto Horowitz: Control
  • Michael Jordan: Learning
  • Phil Kaminsky: Healthcare, Logistics, Optimization
  • Homayoon Kazerooni: Mechatronics, Human-Machine Systems
  • Javad Lavaei: control theory, optimization, power systems
  • Sergey Levine: controls and machine learning
  • Jitendra Malik: Vision
  • Sara McMains: Manufacturing, prototyping, solid modeling
  • Mark Mueller: UAVs, dynamics, and control
  • Deirdre Mulligan: Law, Technology Policy
  • Christos Papadimitriou:  Grasping, Algorithms
  • Eric Paulos: Design, prototyping, Human-Robot Interaction
  • Kris Pister: Microrobotics, MEMS
  • Kameshwar Poolla: Semiconductor manufacturing, Controls
  • Jan Rabaey: Signal Processing, Swarm Robotics
  • Ben Recht: Optimization and Machine Learning
  • Stuart Russell: Planning and AI
  • Shankar Sastry: Control, security, perception
  • Koushik Sen: Verification, model checking
  • Costas Spanos: Manufacturing
  • Masayoshi Tomizuka: Control
  • Jennifer Urban: Law and Public Policy
  • Lisa Wymore: Robots and Dance
  • Paul Wright: Manufacturing, Energy
  • Avideh Zakhor: Networks, Perception

UC Davis

  • Stavros Vougioukas, Faculty Executive Committee: Agricultural Robotics
  • Anupam Chander: Law and Surveillance
  • Harry Cheng: Mechatronics, Embedded Systems, Robotics, Manufacturing, Educational Robotics
  • Sanjay Joshi: Control Systems, Neuroengineering, Robotics
  • Zhaodan Kong: Bio-inspired Engineering; Human-Machine Systems; Robotics, Cyber-physical Systems
  • Yong Jae Lee: Computer Vision, Machine Learning, and Computer Graphics
  • Kriss Ravetto-Biagioli: Surveillance and Art
  • Stephen Robinson: Human-Robot Interaction; Safety Engineering and Applied Cognitive Psychology
  • David Slaughter: Sensing, Vision and Control Systems for Agriculture

UC Merced

  • Stefano Carpin, Faculty Executive Committee: Robot Planning, Sequential Decision Making, Manipulation
  • Ramesh Balasubramaniam: Human Motor Control
  • Miguel Carreira-Perpinan: Machine Learning, Computer Vision
  • YangQuan Chen: Mechatronics/UAVs
  • Marcelo Kallmann: Graphics/Robotics
  • Chris Kello: Cognitive Science
  • David Noelle: Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence

UC Santa Cruz

  • Gabriel Hugh Elkaim, Faculty Executive Committee:  Control and Embedded Systems
  • Ren Curry: Estimation
  • Xi Gong: Optimal Control
  • Roberto Manduchi: Computer Vision
  • Dejan Milutinovic: Stochastic Models, Control and Algorithms in Robotics
  • Ricardo Sanfelice: Hybrid Controls
  • Bruce Sawhill: Optimization