Intelligent Infrastructure

Going With the Flow of Data

Creating intelligent infrastructures to manage scarce resources and to help realize the social, cultural, and economic potential of communities.

CITRIS was created to maintain California’s leadership in safety, security, health and prosperity, and the Intelligent Infrastructure thrust is an essential component of that mission. People want to know that the water is clean, that firefighters and emergency responders can do their jobs—potentially finding their loved-ones in an emergency—that traffic will flow smoothly on our highways, and that their neighborhoods are safe. As telecommunications companies are installing ubiquitous mesh networks, CITRIS researchers are building applications that will allow us to address these concerns by using micro-integrated hardware and software, along with embedded wireless sensors. The CITRIS Intelligent Infrastructure Initiative supports research that takes on complex proof of principle projects and solution implementation towards these goals.

The mission of the CITRIS Intelligent Infrastructure Initiative is to develop novel information technology-based solutions to issues in:

  • Water –  CITRIS will help the state face a water crisis that offers numerous challenges: the collapse of the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta ecosystem and infrastructure, the draining of the state’s groundwater reserves, and changes in the timing of mountain precipitation, leading to water shortages and floods.
  • Transportation – CITRIS targets research that develops innovative solutions within California’s transportation sector.
  • Cities – Wireless sensor networks combined with sophisticated analysis, modeling, and communication tools will transform the way in which cities view their infrastructure.

Key partners with CITRIS in the Intelligent Infrastructure Initiative Include: