Research Thrusts

CITRIS and the Banatao Institute has expanded its research thrusts to address a new era of vast technological change. Our research thrusts are grouped into the subcategories of Core Technology and Technology and Society.

Sustainable Infrastructures

Sustainable Infrastructures pursues information technology research in energy, water, transportation, and the built environment as an essential foundation to creating a sustainable future. Through cyber-physical systems and the Internet of Things (IoT), IT can weave together these interrelated systems to promote resilience and address climate change.


Health focuses on improving health outcomes and access to cost-effective care through the development and integration of innovative technology in telehealth, sensors, analytics and mobile devices.

People and Robots

People and Robots advances multidisciplinary robotics research to improve human experience. The thrust draws from innovations in sensors, devices, UAVs, networks, optimization, and machine learning for applications in healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, safety, and a range of other contexts that benefit society. Current research focuses on cloud robotics, deep learning, human-centric automation, and bio-inspired robotics.

CITRIS Policy Lab

The CITRIS Policy Lab supports interdisciplinary collaboration to inform technology policy for government agencies, public and private institutions, and international stakeholders through research, education, and thought leadership. The Lab addresses core questions regarding the role of formal and informal regulation in promoting innovation and amplifying positive effects on society.

The Future of Work

The Future of Work explores how to shape the world we want in the age of intelligent tools. The challenge, deep and real, is to architect that world, to find ways of working, earning, and learning that support the healthy development of our societies and economies, and the people who inhabit them.

Women in Technology Initiative

Diversity in the technical workforce at all levels enhances collective intelligence and innovation, resulting in financial benefits for companies, personal and professional satisfaction for technologists, and a vibrant intellectual ecosystem for a thriving information-based society. The Women in Technology Initiative envisions a world in which women are proportionately represented and equitably compensated throughout the professional ranks in the tech industry and academia.