Professor Subhas Desa

Subhas Desa is the Undergraduate Director of the Information Systems and Technology Management Program in the School of Engineering at UC Santa Cruz. Dr. Desa has extensive research, teaching, consulting, and industrial experience in the development, management, and commercialization of technologies and products. His research areas include product design and development, manufacturing, advanced physical modeling and control, robotics, and, more recently, supply-chain modeling and control.

Premkumar Devanbu

Prem Devanbu started off in Industrial software development, first at Perkin-Elmer; then at Bell Labs, first in software development and then in research, at Murray Hill, NJ; with the big travestyture, Devanbu went to AT&T Labs Research in Florham Park. Devanbu have been  at UC Davis since  late 1997.  His undergraduate education  was at IIT, Madras in India; his doctoral work was done  under Prof. Borgida at Rutgers University in the Garden State,which is a lovely   place, actually; although the Golden State   also has much to offer .

Holli Devon

My area of interest is ischemic heart disease. The primary focus of my program of research has been the influence of gender and symptoms during acute coronary syndromes (ACS). I developed an integrative symptoms conceptual model and the ACS Symptom Checklist used in a number of international studies. Our research team has used an integrated, […]

Madan Dharmar

Clinical/Research Interests:
Acute kidney injury in ICU, Renal complications of cancer, Measurements of renal function, Glomerulonephritis, Cardiovascular outcomes with Peritoneal and Hemo dialysis, Chronic Kidney Disease.

Honors and Awards

Preceptor of the Year Award. East Kentucky Family and Community Medicine Residency Program, University of Kentucky, 2005-06
Merit Certificate, American College of Physicians annual meeting, 2003
Resident Teacher Award. SIU School of Medicine., 2002-03

Select Recent Publications

Gerardo Diaz

Gerardo Diaz is currently an Associate Professor at the University of California, Merced. His research interests include renewable energy conversion, dynamic simulation and control of thermal systems, biomass gasification, SOFCs, and artificial neural networks. 

Dr. Birthe Dinesen

Research areas Biomedical Engineering Telehealth Telerehabilitation Telemedicine Wellfare technologies Social media and interaction with the future patient Motivation of the future patient by use of new technologies Gamification Innovation of new service, care, treatment and rehabilitation models based upon new technologies User-driven innovation Effect evaluation of new technologies Clinical studies in an international context

Professor Zhi Ding

Dr. Ding is a Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering. He received the B.S. degree from Nanjing Institute of Technology in 1982, M.A.Sc. degree from the University of Toronto in 1987, and the Ph.D. degree from Cornell University in 1990, all in electrical engineering. He is currently Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of California, Davis, CA.

Anca Dragan

I am an Assistant Professor in the EECS Department at UC Berkeley. My goal is to enable robots to work with, around, and in support of people. I run the InterACT Lab, where we focus on algorithms for human-robot interaction — algorithms that move beyond the robot’s function in isolation, and generate robot behavior that also accounts for interaction and […]

Professor David Draper

David Draper is a Professor of Statistics in the Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics at the University of California, Santa Cruz (USA).

He is a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the American Statistical Association (ASA), the Institute of Mathematical Statistics, and the Royal Statistical Society; from 2001 to 2003 he served as the President-Elect, President, and Past President of the International Society for Bayesian Analysis (ISBA).

Glenda Drew

Glenda Drew is an Associate Professor of Visual Communication. Glenda has exhibited screen-based designs that integrate text, image and sound throughout the United States. She investigates how information can be delivered creatively to stimulate a new way of engaging with ideas. She is interested in connecting and representing cultural and marginalized voices in visually accessible and appealing ways.