Sri Kurniawan

Sri Kurniawan’s work focuses on interactive systems to help older persons, people with disabilities, children, people in developing countries and people with low socioeconomic status. The web browsing interface that her research group developed is one of the most widely used application by blind people in the UK. She had worked with a research lab in Czech Republic to build a humming-operated mouse and keyboard for people with combined motor and speech impairment and with a research lab in Malaysia to help Malay-speaking stroke survivors. She will be spending summer in Japan to work on collaborative digital arts between grandparents and grandchildren, among others. She will be talking about how the world is greying at an alarming speed, and how computer technology can help older persons live to the fullest.

Research areas:
Human-computer interaction, human factors and ergonomics, accessibility, assistive technology, usability, empirical studies, human-centered design.

Research Thrusts