Tingrui Pan

Dr. Tingrui Pan is the Director of the MiNI Lab, an incubator for exploratory interdisciplinary research bridging nano engineering and biomedicine.

Research interests include:

Innovative Micro/Nanofabrication Technologies

We keep seeking simple and creative solutions to manufacture 2D and 3D micro and nanoscale structures in an inexpensive and reproducible way. Learning from emerging technologies in both chemistry and electronics, we are extensively exploring novel top-down and bottom-up approaches to establish MEMS fabrication schemes for future biological and medical applications.

Bio-Inspired Micro/Nano Electromechanical Systems

The field of bio-mimicry has attracted considerable attention recently. This is due to the ingenious ways in which nature has solved its evolutionary challenges through natural selection. We are particularly interested in transferring existing nature’s designs into our micro/nano world development. Several bio-inspired designs are currently under the investigation, including biological attachment systems, micromotion systems, biophotonic systems, and biofluidics.

Bioinstrumentations for Ophthalmic Diagnosis and Therapeutics

Wireless implantable micro/nanosystems are of particular importance in ophthalmology where the limited anatomical space requires miniature surgical instruments and implants. Our ongoing research focuses on design of bioinstrumentations, including implantable devices, for ophthalmic diagnosis and therapeutics. We are currently developing several novel clinical prototypes using flexible MEMS and electronics technologies.

Research Thrusts