Teenie Matlock

Teenie Matlock is Founding Faculty, Professor of Cognitive Science, and McClatchy Chair of Communications in the Cognitive and Information Sciences Program at University of California, Merced. She is also Affiliate Faculty in the Institute of Cognitive and Brain Sciences at UC Berkeley, and Senior Researcher at the International Institute of Computer Science. Her research is a combination of cognitive linguistics, psycholinguistics, and human-computer interaction. She is especially interested in framing effects, the semantics of event descriptions, and the role of spatial thinking in everyday language processing. Matlock is a standing member of NIH’s Language and Communication Study Section, and the recipient of Sigma Xi’s Young Investigator Award (2001). She did linguistics graduate work at UC San Diego and completed her PhD in cognitive psychology at UC Santa Cruz before doing post-doctoral research in the Psychology Department at Stanford University. She is Vice Chair of the American Indian Council of Mariposa County.