Mónica Medina

What are the real ecological effects of humans’ changes to the Earth – changes like ocean water pollution or global warning? One way to help find out is by studying the health of some very basic creatures such as corals.

Marine biologist Mónica Medina specializes in the study of marine environments and the life forms that inhabit them. Her research focuses on coral reefs and marine organisms such as sea hares – in particular, how physical and biological interactions have shaped the evolution of corals and the organisms that inhabit coral reefs. She can comment broadly on marine life and key environmental factors such as pollution and climate change that contribute to its evolution and survival.

Medina is also working on developing scientific and student exchanges with Mexican research institutions through a UC MEXUS grant. She is a fellow of the California Academy of Sciences.

Medina joined the faculty at UC Merced in 2005. Previously, she was a researcher at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. She earned a B.S. in biology from the Universidad de Los Andes (Colombia) and a Ph. D. in marine biology from the University of Miami.