Fritz Sommer

Research Interests

Many impressive capabilities of the brain are not yet understood, for example, abilities in perception to rapidly analyze cluttered visual scenes, spoken language, morse code or the virtually unlimited capacity of our long-term memory. My lab investigates the theoretical principles how neurons and networks in the brain collaborate and organize to produce perception, memory and ultimately cognition. To study these issues we develop computational models of the brain, as well as advanced techniques of data analysis.

I am also interested in how the sharing of data can better connect the diverse community of neuroscience, more fully leveraging the precious resource of experimental data and to allow their analysis from many diverse angles. In other fields, such as genomics and linguistics, data sharing has became ubiquitous and highly successful, in neuroscience we are still quite at the beginning. My lab is building and running a resource for sharing neurophysiology data CRCNS.orgĀ and involved in various projects on overcoming technical obstacles to data sharing.

Research Thrusts