Professor David Wagner

Professor Wagner is a Professor in the Computer Science Division at the University of California, Berkeley with extensive experience in computer security and cryptography. Dr. Wagner is an Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow and a CRA Digital Government Fellow. Dr. Wagner was a co-designer of one of the Advanced Encryption Standard finalists. His current research is on security for wearable devices, smartphone security, and other topics in computer security. Previously he has worked on software security, cryptography, and e-voting. In the past, Dr. Wagner has served as a member of the Security Peer Review Group for the SERVE Internet voting project, a technical advisor to the ACLU Ad-Hoc Committee on Touchscreen Voting, and a member of the California Secretary of State’s Voting Systems Technical Assessment Advisory Board. Dr. Wagner serves on the committee for the NSA Award for the Best Scientific Cybersecurity Paper, on the CACM Research Highlights editorial board, and on the editorial board for the Journal of Election Technology and Systems (JETS).

Research Thrusts