Anthony Wexler

My research focuses on understanding the atmospheric processes that transport and transform particulate pollutants in the atmosphere and in lungs. Experimental and modeling approaches are employed. Focus is on urban and regional smog and global climate change. Experimental work includes developing new instruments and deploying them in the field. Modeling work includes simulation of particle dynamics in the urban and regional atmosphere related, vehicle emissions, and deposition in human airways.

Areas of Research

Air Pollution and Health – Particle deposition in airways, how this deposition affects airway development in children, and the particle toxicity.
Transportation – Dynamics of particles emitted from vehicles and near roadways.
Urban and Regional Smog – Mathematical modeling of particle dynamics in the urban and regional atmosphere and new instruments for measuring particle properties.
Global Climate Change – New particle formation in the atmosphere, aerosol-cloud interactions and turbulent coagulation of cloud droplets and crystals.