Andrew Fisher

My research focuses on physical and chemical hydrogeology on land and below the seafloor. My research group and colleagues have completed projects focusing on groundwater recharge, surface water – groundwater interactions, the upper oceanic crust at seafloor spreading centers and on ridge flanks, heat flow below the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, and numerous additional problems. We use mapping, seismic, borehole, and thermal data, measure seepage fluxes, collect and analyze water and soil samples, and simulate hydrologic processes using numerical and analytical models.

Recent highlights include: (1) development of numerous projects involving the influence of environmental change on groundwater and surface water systems, including establishment of The Recharge Initiative and the UC Water Security and Sustainability Research Initiative (UC WASSRI, aka, UC Water); (2) a successfull first phase and renewal for the second phase of an NSF Science and Technology Center, the Center for Dark Energy Biosphere Investigations (C-DEBI), (3) development of novel tools and the first successful measurements of the heat flux into the base of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, as part of the WISSARD project. These and other projects include field work, laboratory analyses, and modeling. Read about this work in the brief summaries below, and/or follow the link below to abstracts and publications.

Selected Synergistic Activities and Honors:

• Teaches courses in Hydrology, Groundwater, Geologic Principles, and Groundwater Modeling
• Member of technical advisory committees (volunteer) for Soquel Creek Water District, Pajaro Valley
Water Management Agency, County of Santa Cruz Resource Conservation Service, Monterey County
Water Resources Agency
• Supervised 32 undergraduate researchers during 2000-10, including seven REU scholars; UCSC Earth
Sciences Department undergraduate faculty advisor, 1998-2001; graduate advisor: 2005-08
• Twenty-two invited presentations during 2006-10, including nine to non-scientific groups
• Eight oceanographic expeditions as chief or co-chief scientist, ten ocean drilling expeditions
• Fellow of the Geological Society of America; University of Leicester – Bennett Lecturer; JOI-USSSP
• Distinguished Lecturer; NSF-RIDGE Distinguished Lecturer