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Taming Buildings a la Carte

Mobile commissioning cart permits quick evaluation and analysis of buildings’ efficiency.

February 2009 Newsletter

CITRIS "shortens the pipeline" between world-class laboratory research in science and engineering and the creation of startups, companies, and …

CITRIS study on SF public cameras released

UC Berkeley and CITRIS-affiliated researchers Jennifer King (School of Law), Professor Deirdre Mulligan (School of Information), and Professor Steven Raphael
(School of Public Policy) recently released a comprehensive evaluation
of San Francisco's public surveillance camera system.

Robots Rush In: In Search-and-Rescue Operations Teamwork is Everything

Rushing into damaged buildings is dangerous and can endanger not
only rescue workers but also the victims they are working to save.
Sending in robots that are equipped with various kinds of sensors to do
reconnaissance is much safer, and these robots can search for signs of
life and report back to waiting operators.