CITRIS Newsletter October/November 2011

Letter from CITRIS Director,
Paul K. Wright Dear CITRIS friends, California’s health care challenge is big. And it is getting bigger. A host of excellent new—and
expensive—life-extending procedures, our aging population, and the growth of administrative costs drive
steep annual increases in the percentage of federal GDP consumed by health care costs. In 2000 it was 13.8
percent; today it is over 18. And while those fortunate enough to have good insurance and access to top hospitals
get excellent care, many of California’s residents are tragically underserved. The CITRIS Health Care
Initiative is our big effort to employ IT to tame costs and boost access, making excellent and affordable health
care available to all Californians. …read more >>   Wholesome
Data: Using IT to
Promote Healthy Behaviors The journey to health is made of hundreds of small, daily steps: the decision to take the
stairs, not the elevator; to eat veggies, not fries; to bike to school, not drive. Edmund Seto employs sensor and cell-phone technologies to
connect people to relevant, real-time data about themselves and their environments, creating applications that
make the journey of small, healthy steps easier to navigate and stick to. For example, CalFit is
an Android-based program that tracks and monitors the caloric expenditure of users. The original prototype,
designed to help teens struggling with obesity, was made before the reign of smart phones. Seto, Associate Adjunct
Professor at the UC Berkeley School of Public Health and the new Associate Faculty Director of CITRIS’s Health Care
Initiative worked with Berkeley Professor of Engineering Ruzena Bajcsy, who was then the CITRIS
Director, to cobble together an Internet tablet, a mobile GPS, an accelerometer, a heart-rate monitor, and a radio
transmitter. Users wore the device, which recorded heart rate and activity type and informed the wearer about how
many calories he was burning and when and where he was burning them. Seto composed an algorithm to convert
accelerometer data from the CalFit program into caloric measurements, so that a user could tally up calories burned
based simply on sensor-detected body movements. Bajcsy and Seto tested the CalFit system in the real world with the
help of Jay Han, who runs a pediatric muscular dystrophy clinic at Davis. …read more >>   Upcoming
Events Oct 26: Bridging
and Computing
A Research Exchange

Speaker: Mario Paniccia
Sutardja Dai Hall
310 Banatao Auditorium Oct 28: To the Dark
Side: Efficiency and Demand Response Through Commercial Building Lighting Controls

An i4Energy seminar
Speaker: Charlie Huizenga
12-1 p.m.
Sutardja Dai
310 Banatao Auditorium Nov 2: Whole Systems
Design Approach of Cities in China

A Research Exchange seminar
Speaker: Harrison Fraker
12-1 p.m.
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