Sustainable Infrastructures

San Francisco Bay-side skyline at sunset.

Sustainable Infrastructures pursues information technology research in energy, water, and transportation as parts of the cyber-infrastructure of a sustainable society.

Research in energy, water, transportation, and the built environment aims to ensure a sustainable future. Sustainable Infrastructures examines smart cities, decarbonized mobility, resilience, energy storage, and grid connectivity, along with climate change mitigation.

Coordinating with the Sustainable Infrastructures Initiative, the California Institute for Energy and Environment (CIEE), a CITRIS affiliated research center, brings to bear the expertise of its world-class researchers from UC and around the country, to do the innovative work needed to move steadily toward meeting California’s pace-setting energy goals.

CIEE’s research projects range from managing extensive studies on California’s vulnerability to climate change to deploying energy efficient and grid-responsive implementation solutions like the low-cost smart thermostat, new sensor technologies like the Anemometer, Hamilton, and micro-PMU, and the XBOS building management platform. CIEE conducts field-tests with its partners, nurturing these projects to wide scale use.