CITRIS Policy Lab About


Established in 2018, the CITRIS Policy Lab supports interdisciplinary research, education, and thought leadership to address core questions regarding the role of formal and informal regulation in promoting innovation and amplifying its positive effects on society. 


We imagine a world where decisions related to the development, deployment, and distribution of technology are informed by considerations grounded in timely interdisciplinary research on current and future technological capabilities and their implications for society.


The CITRIS Policy Lab Director guides the CITRIS Policy Lab’s research agenda in consultation with the Faculty Advisory Board consisting of CITRIS-affiliated faculty at UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UC Merced, and UC Santa Cruz and an External Advisory Board consisting of domain experts from academia, private sector, government, and NGOs. The CITRIS Policy Lab engages with private and public sector policymakers through consultation, high-level events, and publication of peer-reviewed research articles, op-eds, and reports.