Dmitris Achlioptas

Dimitris Achlioptas came to the Baskin School of Engineering from Microsoft. After seven years of research in the private sector, Dimitris crossed the divide to pursue a new application of his interests, namely how algorithms can be applied to cellular biology.

Specifically, he is working with David Haussler and other researchers to examine how certain algorithms can be used to predict and describe molecular structures. In turn, his research also reflects how the behavior of those structures affects the algorithms themselves. This is a new area of collaboration between computer science and biology, and this summer Dimitris will be the first computer science researcher to present at a statistical physics conference in Europe.

Dimitris came to the Baskin School in order to further pursue these connections. Since arriving, he has received a Career Award for his work on sequencing, and more recently was awarded the prestigious Sloan Award. The latter award goes to recognize his work on finding local rules to accelerate the formation of structure out of randomness.