Julie Sammons

As Director of Knowledge Management, Julie drives the development of data and information systems for the institute. She leads data curation, organizational KPIs, and impact assessment for the CITRIS network — including the $10M CITRIS Seed Program for emerging technologies.

A-niesha Sapp

Aniesha schedules events and room reservations at CITRIS headquarters in Sutardja Dai Hall. She also assists with on-site logistics for meetings or events and grants access requests to Sutardja Dai Hall.

Emily Sawicki

Emily Sawicki coordinates our CITRIS Membership program and facilitates relationships with corporate partners.  

Kap Stann

As Communications Director, Kap leads strategic communications, media relations and outreach programs across multiple channels at CITRIS and the Banatao Institute.

Karen Stierwalt

As Director of Finance and Administration at CITRIS, Karen manages fiscal and administrative oversight for institute staff. She develops and interprets financial policies and is responsible for training. While the primary focus is on the financial and administrative management of CITRIS headquarters at the UC Berkeley campus, Karen is responsible for financial management across all four CITRIS campuses, including the financial planning, analysis and control of the entire four-campus CITRIS budget.

Tod Stoltz

As Director of Business Development and International Affiliations for the UC Davis Health System, Tod Stoltz is responsible for building strategic partnerships with industry and international organizations that help to fulfill the Health Systems mission.

Khossrov Taherian

Khossrov’s team is responsible for all of the IT and livecasting operations at CITRIS headquarters at UC Berkeley. Some of these tasks include design, deployment, and maintenance of the backbone servers; providing desktop services to CITRIS headquarters staff; providing cutting-edge solutions to record and broadcast CITRIS events over the internet; and showcasing some of the cutting-edge technology created by CITRIS researchers in the CITRIS Tech Museum. He also distributes live and archived content on the displays across Sutardja Dai Hall.

Kuan-Ju Wu

Kuan-Ju Wu is the Lab Manager of CITRIS Invention Lab at UC Berkeley. He is interested in creating delightful interactions between humans, machines, and environments. He builds kinetic sculptures and tangible interfaces that borrow facets from the shapes and movements of nature, from the stories about the future machines, and the perceptual memories from our early childhood, those intuitive, rich and satisfying experiences. Kuan-Ju Wu received his Master’s in Tangible Interaction Design from Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA and his Bachelor in Electronics Engineering from National Chiao Tung University in Taiwan.