Stephen Maurer

Stephen M. Maurer is Director of the Goldman School Project on Information Technology and Homeland Security (“ITHS”). ITHS serves as a focal point for the School’s science, innovation, technology initiatives. Maurer teaches and writes in the fields of homeland security, innovation policy, and the new economy.

From 1982 to 1996, Maurer practiced high technology and intellectual property litigation at leading law firms in Arizona and California. During that time he represented such diverse clients as IBM, Apple, Aerojet General Corporation, and the Navajo Nation.

Maurer has been a lecturer at the Goldman School since 1999. During that time he has written extensively on a variety of topics including database policy, academic/industry relations, patent law, antitrust, and open source biology. His research has appeared in numerous journals including Nature, Science and Economica. Maurer teaches courses on the the New Economy (“Cyberlife,”), Science Policy, and Information Technology.

Maurer’s current research interests range from Homeland Security to designing better institutions for neglected disease research. He plans to teach a new Homeland Security course in the Fall.

Maurer holds a from Yale University and a J.D. in law from Harvard University.