Julie Sammons

Julie Sammons is the Director of Knowledge Management at CITRIS. Julie leads the development of data and information systems for the institute. She drives data curation, organizational KPIs, and impact assessment for the CITRIS network, including the CITRIS Seed Program for emerging technologies.

Julie curates the CITRIS Research Exchange speaker series to present fresh perspectives on technology and society from industry, university, and public sector leaders. She also oversees the CITRIS Data Corps, a training program launched in 2018 to engage high-potential UC students in technical work for societal benefit.

Julie was previously a Partner at the CITRIS Foundry technology accelerator headquartered at UC Berkeley, where she supported a portfolio of early-stage startups based on deep science and research inventions. She has a research background in life sciences, an MBA with a sustainability emphasis, and has lectured and presented on innovation strategies at the Stanford d.school, UC Berkeley Center for Green Chemistry, SXSW Eco, and Compostmodern.