Zhou Yu

My research centers on an inter-disciplinary area of machine learning, natural language processing and human-computer interaction. The goal of my research is to develop AI system that have positive social impacts. Research interests: Natural Language Processing, Interactive Systems, Human-Robot Interaction

Ted Wun

Ted Wun focuses on the development of EMR-based predictive tool for cancer-associated thrombosis. Research interests: Epidemiology of cancer-associated thrombosis Complications of sickle cell disease Clinical trials in sickle cell disease Clinical trials in cancer-associated thrombosis Predictive risk models for cancer-associated thrombosis

Alireza Pourreza

My research interests include agricultural mechanization, robotics, sensors, computer vision, and GIS. My research goals are to answer fundamental questions using intelligent systems theory in high-impact applications–such as cooperative robotic systems with respect to sensing, estimation, and control. I am building a research program that is inspired by cutting-edge knowledge and will have a long-term […]

Abhishek Halder

My research areas are dynamical systems and control theory, and optimization with application focus on large scale cyber-physical systems such as smart grid and unmanned aerial vehicle traffic management. My research focus on analysis and control of large scale engineering systems aligns strongly with CITRIS mission of addressing pressing challenges through interdisciplinary IT research and […]

Scott Stephens

I am interested in the interactions of wildland fire and ecosystems. This includes how prehistoric fires once interacted with ecosystems, how current wildland fires are affecting ecosystems, and how future fires and management may change this interaction. I am also interested in wildland fire and forest policy and how it can be improved to meet […]

Glenn Yiu

  I am a retinal specialist and clinician-scientist at UC Davis, where I combine clinical practice in vitreoretinal surgery with translational laboratory research studying the pathogenesis and treatment of age-related macular degeneration (AMD), diabetic retinopathy, and other retinal diseases. My research combines ocular imaging with genetic/molecular techniques to develop therapies and disease models of retinal […]

Jean-Pierre Delplanque

His research efforts center on the multiscale modeling and numerical simulation of complex processes and systems. Applications are interdisciplinary in nature, crossing the boundaries between Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, and Materials Science. Examples of specific projects range from the strain-assisted microstructural development of polycrystalline materials to the dynamics and condensation of exhaled aerosols.

Dr. Andrew Burke

Since 1974, Dr. Andrew Burke’s career work has involved many aspects of electric and hybrid vehicle design, analysis, and testing. He was the head systems engineer on the U.S. Department of Energy–funded Hybrid Vehicle (HTV) project while working at the General Electric Research and Development Center in Schenectady, N.Y.

Rita Lucarelli

  My work on 3D visualizations of ancient Egyptian artifacts and in particular coffins fits well in CITRIS mission of the Connected Communities section and the innovative use of virtual reality/augmented reality (VR/AR) applications for cultural heritage preservation. Research Interests: Ancient Egyptian literature, magic and religion. Ancient Egyptian Demonology.Magic and religion in the ancient world. Digital […]

Professor Anne Kelly

Professor Kelley’s group is also working to better understand and exploit the enhancement of scattering intensities observed for molecules adsorbed to the surfaces of metal nanoparticles (surface enhanced Raman and hyper-Raman scattering). These techniques provide amplification of the normally weak signals needed for sensitive analytical and bioanalytical applications.