New CITRIS-affiliated Center is Launched

The College of Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley, recently announced the launch of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology (CET), a new academic program and...

ASME Nano: Conference 2005

Floyd Kvamme, co-Chairman of the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST), spoke at the ASME Nano: Conference 2005, which was held at the Berkeley College of...

Connections III

"Connections III" a meeting on Health Information and Communication Technology (HICT) took place on August 11 in Berkeley. This was the third in a series of workshops...

August ’05 Newsletter

Dear Members and Friends of CITRIS, At first glance, the two projects featured in this month's newsletter couldn't seem more different. The ...

These Researchers Have Flippers

To better understand and map the Pacific Ocean, CITRIS-affiliated researcher Dr. Daniel P. Costa and his team have enlisted the help of some very unusual research assistants. Together...

Hey Earth, What’s Shaking?

A CITRIS-sponsored project is making a useful-but-costly tool for predicting how the ground will respond during an earthquake smaller, cheaper, and easier to use.

Building Nature’s Wet Labs

Two CITRIS-affiliated researchers are creating laboratories out in nature to study how California's water quality can be restored.

Electric Transformation

A multidisciplinary group of CITRIS-affiliated researchers are developing a system that will revolutionize how Californians consume electricity.

June ’05 Newsletter

Dear Members and Friends of CITRIS, Making sure California has sufficient power and protecting its water supply are among two of the greatest challenges ...

April ’05 Newsletter

Dear Members and Friends of CITRIS, Two very different CITRIS projects and a major research review highlight this month’s newsletter. The first ...

CITRIS Headquarters Building Update

New designs for CITRIS’s future headquarters make it more efficient, affordable, and flexible--and the new nanofabrication facilities aren’t too shabby, either.

Tech is on the way

A CITRIS-affiliated program called ICT4B is developing new technologies to meet the unique needs of the world's poorest people. Never has the need seemed greater.

The barcode of tomorrow, today

A new manufacturing process developed by a CITRIS-affiliated researcher is making an old but revolutionary technology affordable just in the nick of time.

February ’05 Newsletter

Dear Members and Friends of CITRIS, Professor Ruzena Bajcsy, the Founding Director of CITRIS, stepped down on November 1, 2004, from her position to ...


Interview with Professor Linda Novick, Research Specialist in the Innovative Mobility Research group at the California Center for Innovative Transportation (CCIT)

June ’04 Newsletter

Dear Members and Friends of CITRIS, Transportation ranks as one of the top challenges we face in the coming decades. Moreover there is a growing elderly ...