Global​ ​Lives​ ​Project​ ​Receives​ ​Multivenue​ ​Presentation​ ​on UC​ ​Berkeley​ ​Campus​ ​Throughout​ ​2017-18

Check out the Global Lives Project presentation at UC Berkeley! The Global Lives Project presents life experiences from cultures and communities around the world. This presentation was created by UC Berkeley faculty member and alumnus David Evan Harris.

The Global Lives Project is being displayed at UC Berkeley in multiscreen installations that are distinct to each of its four campus venues:


Global Lives challenges audiences to reflect deeply about their place in the world and the moral and ethical responsibilities that come with that. This aligns closely with UC Berkeley’s commitment to intellectual inquiry and global perspective. As a Berkeley alumnus and a faculty member, it is extraordinarily gratifying to see Global Lives being exhibited here, crossing disciplinary boundaries and engaging students in ever-more critical questions about race, class, culture, gender and inequality. 
– David Harris, founder of Global Lives Project