Other Building Features and Information

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Other Building Features and Information

Computer Activation Requests and Questions are handled by IRIS (https://iris.eecs.berkeley.edu/). You will need the Network Jack Cable ID printed by the jack in order to register your computer. It should look similar to this: 123-456-001-D. Wireless networking is also available via AirBears, AirBears 2, or the EECS wireless network which offers higher speed and better security. See the IRIS website for more information.

Telephone Line Requests and Questions are handled by IST (http://ist.berkeley.edu/services/catalog/voice). You will need the Phone Jack Cable ID printed by the jack in order to activate your phone line. It should look similar to this: 123-456-001-V.

Vending Machines are located in the 2nd floor Elevator Lobby and on the east end of the 6th floor.

Bicycles should not be kept in labs or offices. Sutardja Dai Hall is equipped with a bicycle storage room for day use by occupants. Access must be requested from the Facilities Assistant, Reginald Madison (rmadison007@berkeley.edu). Bicycle racks are located on the east and west sides of the building for locking up bikes outside.


A ReUSE station is located on the east end of the 6th floor. It is a shelving unit where reusable materials can be donated and picked up for free. These items generally include school and office supplies, books, games, trinkets, one-sided clean paper and art supplies, just to name a few. See the ReUSE website for more information.

Postings may not be taped to walls anywhere inside or outside the building, including the elevators. Sutardja Dai Hall has posting boards available in the 2nd floor Lobby. The following are rules for posting in Sutardja Dai Hall:

  • All postings must be dated with the date initially hung. Any posting without a date will be removed.
  • Regular postings have a shelf life of two weeks.
  • Event announcement postings expire the day after the event.
  • No solicitation postings are permitted.
  • Postings should have something to do with the research themes of the building occupants.

Alcohol Use: University Policy requires that an Application to Serve Alcoholic Beverages form must be completed and submitted to the UC Police Department (UCPD) for approval for any event held on campus where alcohol will be served, whether for sale or not. Groups wishing to serve alcohol should complete the following steps in this order:

  1. Complete the top section of the form in full.
  2. Submit the form to the sponsoring group for signature approval.
  3. Submit the form to the Sutardja Dai Hall Facilities or Events staff for signature approval.
  4. Send a copy to UCPD as well. The form needs to be received by UCPD at least one week prior to event date.
  5. Retain a copy of the fully-approved UCPD form to have on hand during your event. Events failing to complete or present the form at the event may be denied authorization to serve alcohol.