Student Checklist for DE-CDSE

Requirements for PhD Students

The basic requirements of the DE-CDSE are as follows:

  1. Students must apply to add the DE-CDSE before taking their qualifying exam.
  2. Submit a complete online application: 
  3. Student’s current major’s Official Graduate Advisor Chair must initiate The “Graduate Petition for Change of Major or Degree Goal” Electronic Form (eform) in
  4. The “Graduate Petition for Change of Major or Degree Goal” Electronic Form (eform) must be approved by both the chair of the DE-CDSE and also the chair of your department (two approvals).
    • Please note that this (eform) is separate from your Qualifying Examination (eform), which is handled by your department.
  5. Students must have training in the following three CDSE components (see courses below):
    • 1 graduate course in applied math/numerical analysis or statistics/data analysis (Category 1)
    • 1 graduate course in high performance computing (Category 2)
    • 1 graduate course in an application area that utilizes the above tools in a significant way (Category 3)
  6. At least one member of the DE-CDSE faculty be on the dissertation committee.
  7. Students must have a DE-CDSE component in their qualifying exam, with a DE-CDSE faculty member on the exam committee.

The Three Courses for a DE-CDSE Designation
There are three categories of courses that a student needs to take to receive the DE-CDSE designation (“minor”) on their transcript, and each course must be taken for a grade.

  • Category 1: Mathematical Tools
    • Category 1A: Applied Math/Numerical Analysis: Math 221, Math 228A, Math 228B or a course by petition
    • Category 1B: Statistics/Data analysis: Stat 204, 210A, 210B, 215A, 215 B, 232, C239A, 240, 241A (CS 281A), 241B (CS 281B), 243, 244, 248, or a course by petition
  • Category 2: High Performance Computing: CS 267, CS 294-73 or a course by petition
    • Note: CS294-73 is the new course, “Software Engineering for Scientific Computing”.
  • Category 3: Application area courses that utilize the above tools in a significant manner: The DE-CDSE candidate student proposes this course; including a detailed syllabus documenting the use of mathematics and computation in an application area. This course will be evaluated by the Head of DE-CDSE.