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  • New Conference on Robot Learning (#CoRL2017) in the works: 1st
    Nov 13-15, 2017 in Mountain View:
  • CPAR Director Ken Goldberg on Overselling AI:  Response in New York Times
  • CPAR co-sponsored the 12th Workshop on the Algorithmic Foundations of Robotics in San Francisco, December 18-20 2016 that was the largest yet with 175 participants
  • Sergey Levine to join CPAR: Sergey Levine will join UC Berkeley’s EECS Dept as Assistant Professor in August to focus on research at the intersection of controls and machine learning
  • Mark Mueller to join CPAR: Mark Mueller will join UC Berkeley’s ME Dept as Assistant Professor in
    July to focus on research in UAV/quadcopter control
  • Over 300 Bay area high school students participated in the Pioneers in Engineering High School Robotics Final Competition at Lawrence Hall of Science (4/24/16)
  • Five CPAR Seed Grants Announced for 2016! More info (4/8/16)
  • Berkeley/suitX is a semifinalist in Robotics for Good Competition! If they win, this will create a strong initiative to improve the quality of life for children with CP and other mobility disorders. Check out their entry for the competition and recent exoskeleton (Phoenix). Please VOTE at the bottom of the page for benefit of these children who did not have any say in what happened to them.
  • In the 2016 CITRIS Seed Funding Program, approximately $800K is available to PIs from the 4 campuses for multi-campus projects ($10-60K each).  Robotics is a key Area of Interest.  Applications are due 31 January! Details here:

  • On 1 Sept 2015, UC Berkeley EECS PhD Candate John Schulman released the Computational Graph Toolkit, which facilitates experiments with large recurrent networks.
  • Relax, the Terminator Is Far Away” (The New York Times, 5/25/15)

  • “New Approach Trains Robots to Match Human Dexterity and Speed” (The New York Times, 5/21/15)

  • How smart is today’s artificial intelligence?” (PBS Newshour, Interview, 5/8/15)

  • $1.4M investment for UC Berkeley and CITRIS Foundry startup Dash Robotics (VentureBeat, 4/23/15)

  • People and Robots: UC’s new multidisciplinary CITRIS Initiative wants humans in the loop” (Robohub, 4/22/15)

  • People and Robots Initiative promotes wider robotics integration” (Engineering and Technology Magazine, 4/22/15)

  • CITRIS launched people and robots initiative, updates three others” (Press release, 4/22/15)

  • CITRIS People and Robots Initiative presents a Distinguished Lecture by John Markoff (New York Times) on “Machines of Loving Grace” (11:00am-12:00pm, 5/7/15, event page)


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