Professor Venkatesh Akella

The goal of Prof. Akella’s research is to create models, platforms (architectures) and design methodologies to support high performance and low power computing requirements applications such as networking, location aware services, multimedia, compression, error correction, scientific computation and computational biology. The central premise of the research is that reducing cost and maximizing flexibility are absolutely critical for making computing systems accessible to a broader audience and in turn to have the maximum impact on our society. Hardware/software codesign and exploiting the tradeoffs between resource utilization and quality of results have emerged as common themes to develop programmable architectures and design methodologies to address the requirements of many probolems.

Prof. Akella’s current research involves exploring the use of optical interconnects to overcome the processor memory latency and bandwidth bottlenecks in multicore processors, developing systematic design methodologies to accelerate error-floor simulation for error correcting codes and techniques for developing and deploying embedded software to facilitate location aware computing.