Professor Andrew Fisher

Selected Synergistic Activities and Honors:

• Teaches courses in Hydrology, Groundwater, Geologic Principles, and Groundwater Modeling
• Member of technical advisory committees (volunteer) for Soquel Creek Water District, Pajaro Valley
Water Management Agency, County of Santa Cruz Resource Conservation Service, Monterey County
Water Resources Agency
• Supervised 32 undergraduate researchers during 2000-10, including seven REU scholars; UCSC Earth
Sciences Department undergraduate faculty advisor, 1998-2001; graduate advisor: 2005-08
• Twenty-two invited presentations during 2006-10, including nine to non-scientific groups
• Eight oceanographic expeditions as chief or co-chief scientist, ten ocean drilling expeditions
• Fellow of the Geological Society of America; University of Leicester – Bennett Lecturer; JOI-USSSP
• Distinguished Lecturer; NSF-RIDGE Distinguished Lecturer