The Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society (CITRIS) was formed in 2001, when researchers within the UC system realized that the real opportunities lay not just in developing new and innovative technologies, but in applying them.

CITRIS was established to address the most pressing social and environmental issues facing California. To meet this goal, we focus our research on four core initiatives: Energy, Health Care, Intelligent Infrastructure, and Data and Democracy.

  • The i4Energy Initiative employs sensors and emerging technology to gather, manage, and utilize information about energy conservation and expenditure from the household-level to the grid.
  • The Health Care Initiative aims to improve access and reduce disparities and costs in health care across the state by developing and integrating technology advances in telehealth, sensors, services and gaming.
  • The Intelligent Infrastructure Initiative addresses the areas of water, cities, and transportation to develop and deploy intelligent “cyber-physical” systems to better manage scarce resources and promote sustainability.
  • The Data and Democracy Initiative creates tools to foster public engagement in critical social, political, and economic issues by exploring the dynamic relationships between digital media and democratic practices.

As a public entity, we are always happy to have conversations with you. Please feel free to contact our staff members  if you have any questions or ideas about how we can best work for society.

OUR INVENTION ECOSYSTEM – Learn, Build, Launch, Connect

CITRIS brings a unique methodology and collection of resources to its pursuit of innovation across disciplines and subject areas. With our cutting-edge laboratories and renowned faculty experts, CITRIS serves as an incubator for translating new ideas into working prototypes.

This iterative process has four steps: Learn, Build, Launch, Connect.

As a university-based research center, we are committed to furthering UC’s educational mission and creating opportunities to Learn emerging skills. Learn-Build-Launch-ConnectWith the Berkeley Marvell NanoLab, The Foundry at CITRIS startup incubator, and the CITRIS Invention Lab, we offer unparalleled facilities to Build prototypes and demonstration models for projects from the nanoscale to urban scale.

Once a proof of concept has been tested and refined, it is ready for Launch to industrial partners, public agencies, and other potential users. The final step is to Connect these innovations with the networks that will benefit from and promote their implementation.

As we evaluate the effectiveness of each device or intervention, the process begins again as we Learn for the next iteration.

CITRIS has pioneered this model in the university setting, providing an “invention infrastructure” that creates physical and online products along with the processes to support continuous innovation. The combination—information technology research with state-of-the-art facilities creating products for the benefit of society—distinguishes us from other interdisciplinary research centers.

Join us to Learn – Build – Launch – Connect.